• How many days off do I have left?

    You have 12 days off left.

    Ok, I would like to take a leave next Monday

    Sure, your request has been taken into account.

    Your manager has been notified of your request.

    He should validate it quickly.


    Conversation enabler
    for any concept

    Improve and simplify the contact
    between users with chatbots
    and artificial intelligence

As a Service

Turn interactions into conversations
Create your chatbot in Skype for Business for your HR, Help Desk or communication department

Chatbots Digital Workplace


QnA Builder

QnA Builder is the first corporate chatbot that transform your KB into conversation
With only few clicks, you can activate your chatbot into your digital workplace.



No more communication campaigns by email or simple announcements in the Intranet!
Best for the change managment teams, our chatbot carries out communication campaigns. It sends messages directly to your employees and answers their questions.
In just a few clicks, activate the new digital assistant for your users.


Help Desk IT

Improve your employees' productivity with our IT Help Desk bot.
Users have no longer need to learn how the internal ITSM application works and the tehy can interact directly with the virtual agent.
The bot simply integrates into your information system and lets you capitalize on your past investments and brings a new experience.

Active Directory

Having a complete profile sheet in the directory is a real challenge for HR teams.
Our Active Directory Chatbot scans the directory properties and prompts them directly for update.


The endless polls, unfriendly user interfaces and hundreds of questions are over.
Our survey chatbot regularly asks one or two questions depending on the availability of your users.
Collect feedback from employees continuously.

On demand

Witivio develops customized chatbot solutions to meet your needs.
Our Conversational Approach DevOps allows continuous improvement in an agile way.

  • Definition of the bot-users conversation.
  • Information systems integration, specific developments.
  • Permanent learning of the artificial intelligence engine.

Marketplace Connectors

Skype for Business Connector

for Microsoft Bot Framework

Microsoft Bot Framework

Develop and deploy your chatbot with the Microsoft Bot Framework

Multi device

Access your chatbot on all devices with the Skype Enterprise application

Simple and fast

Quickly connect your chatbot to your Skype On Premise or Office 365 infrastructure