BtoE chatbots for the digital workplace

Quickly activate one of our chatbots, without any required code. Simplify access for your employees to useful information into the documentation system.

Available in SaaS mode, Witivio 365 is the design and monitoring platform for ready-to-use chatbots for the digital workplace and Office 365.

Virtual assistants are designed to answer recurring questions from your employees, in diverse fields (HR, Helpdesk, General Services or questions related to a job function).


Concrete use cases

A chatbot designed to assist and facilitate the task for your employees during transformations led by new projects.


  • Answer any question in an instant
  • An innovative device to share good practices
  • Designed to pass information on HR managers through conversational surveys
  • Designed to free time for support teams
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A BtoE chatbot designed to answer recurring questions from your employees. Facilitate access to information systems.


  • Automate answers to recurring HR questions
  • Facilitate welcoming and integration: answer newcomers’ questions
  • Turn your FAQ into dynamic FAQ and your welcome booklet into conversation
  • Probe employees with push surveys to assess HR policies
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Quickly and cleverly organize meetings with a chatbot.

  • Save time when scheduling a meeting
  • Automatically find the most convenient slot for all attendees
  • Book a room and send Outlook invitations in your name
  • Simple access to room schedule
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A chatbot designed to support users and report issues.

  • Reduce calls to technical support – level 1
  • Employees gain greater independence
  • Escalation mode: operator takes over if needed
  • Continuous improvement of the knowledge base
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A chatbot designed to answer questions day-to-day questions from employees and facilitate their integration.

  • Answer questions from new employees
  • Make an inventory of anomalies in premises
  • Suggest staff canteen menus
  • Reduce calls to technical support
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A chatbot designed to update user data in the directory.

  • Contact users in push mode
  • Active directory and up-to-date reference document
  • Require GSM number for Multi Factor Authentication projects
  • Simplify data collection
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What are the benefits?

Immediate answers

Your chatbot is designed to answer any question, any day, 24/7. Always available for your employees.

Fast-acting and designed for everyone

Save time on every level and reduce calls towards technical support, HR, General Services.

An innovation for your change management policy

Support and share information with chatbot users in any transformation led by new projects. Facilitate acceptance.

A multi-platform experience

Set up your chatbot on any platform you like. Enjoy their specific features for a customized employee-centric experience.

A simple and complete back-end

Administration, knowledge base, monitoring and learning process come together in a simple and complete administration interface. You are autonomous to design and monitor your chatbots.

Why choose Witivio 365 ?
Design as many chatbots as you want
Complete mastery of the knowledge base
The bot is proactive: comes to talk to users in push mode
Comprehensive monitoring and user satisfaction tracking
Active Learning: improvements based upon interactions between the bot and users
Development on Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business Online or On Premise, Jabber (beta), Emails and Webchat

Full integration with Office 365 and information systems

Log into your Office 365 account and play it safe with Azure Active Directory
Activate your chatbots on Skype for Business Online or On Premise
Make the most of Office 365 with chatbots
Use your SharePoint data
Directly import or export data in OneDrive
Activate your chatbots in Teams and facilitate acceptance
Facilitate the organization of meetings
Automatically generate support tickets

Coming soon : Milo 365

The geolocated virtual assistant to support your employees, wherever they are.

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