Experience feedback – Arkema

Experience feedback – Arkema


As part of the move of one of its affiliates, Arkema asked Witivio to set up a pilot Chatbot to support employees at each step of their move to a new work environment. This virtual assistant called “Smarty” provides information to help them prepare their move and take ownership of the new spaces.

We interviewed the group’s IT End USer Services Manager to get his impression of the collaboration between Witivio and Arkema.




What were the advantages of setting up a Chatbot in your case of use which is a relocation ?



The first idea was to have an interaction between the actors, the people involved in the move and the project team via our intranet network. However, the company’s Communication team asked us to look for a new solution. So we thought, “Why not take it a step further by automating the answer to the most common questions? ». The Chatbot appeared as an obvious alternative. We were fortunate to have a business use case that coincided with our desire to test these new artificial intelligence tools.

The advantage of the Chatbot, compared to our first solution, is to have a homogeneity of answers, which is a guarantee of the solidity of a project like this one (moving). We had to carry out preparatory work, with various shareholders, to formalize these responses, which also allowed us to bring them to the attention of management for validation. This would not have been the result of the first solution, which would probably have meant a more informal exchange of information.

In addition, the implementation of this Chatbot to encourage the writing of knowledge in a fun way. It has a convivial aspect, to sit around a table, to ask questions to a robot, to train it,… We have succeeded in bringing together resources that otherwise would not have taken the time to meet.




What will happen to Smarty after you move ?



We have collected a lot of information about the reception on the new work site to set up Smarty. We would therefore like to keep this data and transform our current use case – the move – into a chatbot dedicated to welcoming newcomers – onboarding.




Is your Chatbot easy to access ?



Yes indeed since it is integrated with Skype, which is the tool used for chatting in our company.

We communicated internally during the launch of Smarty, with a pilot test first of all that allowed people to be the ambassador of the tool, before making the online launch of the tool official for all. We also used programmable push communication via the Witivio application so that Smarty could send punctual information to all employees connected to Skype. This feature is widely appreciated by our communication team. Users also welcomed this new information access tool.

Its big advantage is that the Chatbot will only solicit collaborators when they are available (available in Skype). This has the advantage of not disturbing them while they are in meetings or otherwise.

We used the push, of course for the launch of Smarty but also to push other information. The push is a success because it helps to maximize feedback, users will, most of the time, initiate a conversation. In addition to being a virtual assistant, Smarty becomes a real actor accompanying the collaborators in this project.




What do you think of the Witivio platform ?



The application allows an intuitive handling. It is easy to use, especially for updating the knowledge base. What is most important is that our business agents can be autonomous in the continuous improvement of the Chatbot.




How did you find Witivio support ?



There was a good support, very complete, a real commitment. We are not only talking about assistance but also about a real willingness to move the subject forward.



IT End USer Services Manager