Onboarding strategy

Onboarding strategy


It is common for a company to invest a large budget in the recruitment of its employees, often forgetting to integrate them. However, an effective Onboarding strategy (or strategy for integrating new employees) allows these new arrivals to feel integrated and efficient quickly. Consequently, they will have the desire to stay for a long time in this company that knew how to welcome them. Employee loyalty is an important challenge for every company today.


The first few days on board: a crucial moment





First of all, the goal of each manager is to comfort this new employee during his Onboarding process, who must have a precise knowledge of what to expect : How will his first days in his new company be? Who can he contact when he has questions? What are its aims to achieve? What is the company’s policy regarding holidays (Christmas holidays are coming soon…)?

Probably, complicated questions to ask without any embarrassment.



How to support your collaborator ? 


Most importantly, on his first day in a company, a new employee must have some basic knowledge. For example : learning/knowing the technical vocabulary (acronyms) used by his colleagues. However, it would be wrong to want to teach him all this new information at the same time. The main risk of this approach is to scare him, a fear related to the fact that he doesn’t feel able to store all this data quickly. Then, He will lose confidence in himself but will also probably blame these managers for not having managed him properly.




Beyond the vocabulary and technical data, that a new employee must know, it is essential to transmit a sense of community within him, to attract him emotionally. To do this, he will have to be informed of the company’s history and culture. Do you take the time to tell your company’s story when you welcome a new colleague ?


The chatbot: a complementary tool to support new employees


How can the creation of a chatbot be useful when welcoming a new employee?

  • Provide a company glossary
  • Provide information about the history and culture of the company
  • Indicate which are the company’s internal processes (Example: How to set up holidays? Do I have the right to meal tickets? Where’s my badge?… )
  • Inform on upcoming events
  • Automatize regular appointments during the test period
  • Familiarize yourself with the tools used by the company (Example: Office 365)
  • Encourage people to ask questions without any embarrassment

Be careful, the use of a chatbot is not meant to replace human relations: presentation of colleagues, visit of the office, welcome meeting… This virtual assistant is an additional tool designed to reinforce your onboarding strategy.



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