Product updates – Tuesday, December 3rd

Product updates – Tuesday, December 3rd



New features and ergonomic improvements of the Witivio platform.



  • Escalation and prioritization: You can now prioritize your escalations. When your level 1 escalation is not successful and/or the user is not satisfied with this first solution, then the chatbot will propose your level 2 escalation.
    Example: When the chatbot does not have an answer, it proposes to call the support directly. If the support is not available then the chatbot will propose to the user to send an email.
    As a reminder: Escalation allows you to set up an interaction to propose a solution to the user when the chatbot does not have the answer or when the user indicates that he is not satisfied. 


  • Chatbot accessibility: Configure calls to external APIs to allow the chatbot to interact with a user.


  • Choice in conversation trees and contextual responses: In a conversation tree or contextual response, choices are often proposed to the user. This user will be able to ask a new question without making a choice – so he can easily exit the conversation tree.


  • Configuration of the SharePoint Modern webpart: Add the webpart to your SharePoint Modern (EN).


  • New Visio shapes: 
    • Adding authentication header for API calls
    • Escalation in conversation trees


  • New language available on our Witivio platform: Italian. You can now build your chatbot in Italian.



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