Product updates – Monday 13th January

Product updates – Monday 13th January


Ergonomic improvements of the Witivio platform.



You will notice improvements in the ergonomics of the Witivio platform, specifically on the home page, in the inbox, but also in the knowledge base. More details below :


Home page – Information about all your chatbots & filtering



  • Publications status of your chatbots: published, trained, in construction; to be configured
  • Tags are configurable in the Settings tab > Settings. Enter the wished tag(s) and then click on “+ Add”. You will then find the tags added on your home page.


Inbox – Adding recommended actions


  • Low Scores & Suggested Questions : You can directly add the user’s question to the question he selected during his conversation with the chatbot.
  • Suggested questions : All the questions proposed by the chatbot when the active learning is launched are listed, along with the user’s choice.
  • Negative feedback : Information about the question to be handled (date of the user’s feedback and the date of modification of the question).
    You can also delete several questions with one click.


Knowledge Base – Editing the question, filtering & training



It is possible to edit the advanced parameters (category, profile, schedule…) of a question before writing the answer.


  • Question status  : Inform the status of your question and add a tag to facilitate the construction of your chatbot’s knowledge base (Ready to be published or validated).
  • Tags : Assignment, answer to complete,… It’s up to you to determine the use of this feature!
  • Training : Simple training is only effective for the latest additions or modifications. However, you can choose to run a full training in order to deal with all the chatbot’s knowledge.



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