Product updates – Tuesday 11th February

Product updates – Tuesday 11th February



New features and ergonomic improvements of the Witivio platform.



Connecting with a support agent


Escalation allows to set up an interaction to propose a solution to the user when the chatbot doesn’t have the answer. During Teams escalation, the user is put in contact with a human operator directly from Microsoft Teams.

An update of this escalation process allows a better management of support requests:

  • Display & filtering of support requests by status: open, in progress, closed, cancelled, refused or pending.
  • Display & filtering of Requests by Support Agent.
  • Display several pieces of information about a Support Request: user profile, last modification date, direct access to history.


⚠️ If the support application has already been installed in a team, it must be deleted. You have to install the new version again by following this intructions.



Push Communication for Microsoft Teams


The push campaign is a new communication way to spread information (for example : diffusion of good practices and/or temporary events): the chatbot comes to talk to the user. This tool is now available in Microsoft Teams.

💡️ Good practice: Push communication is also an interesting way to communicate important information.

⚠️ The chatbot will only contact users who have installed the chatbot in their Microsoft Teams space.



Release V2 version of the Witivio platform!


Since a few weeks, you have the opportunity to use a V2 version of our Witivio platform. As a reminder, this new version is much faster, even if the design is the same. It has been migrated to the latest technological versions for better user ergonomics and improved security. Version 1 will no longer be available from Tuesday, February 11th.

The application is still available on



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