Product updates – Tuesday 17th March

Product updates – Tuesday 17th March


New features and ergonomic improvements of the Witivio platform.


Creation and management of entities 


Entities are data that you want to extract from the question, such as names, dates, product names…

It will be possible to manage the entities from the platform only for the following types of answers :

  • Conversation trees
  • Power Automate
  • Azure Logic Apps
  • Webhook

How does it work? You will find a “detection” tab when you create your answer which will then allow you to associate your word (or number) with an entity created beforehand. Once your knowledge base is sufficiently trained, the detection will be done automatically.



The history page


When history recording is enabled from the Settings tab, you will find all your chatbot conversations on the history page:

  • Use the available filters to choose the period of time when the history is displayed or search by user who spoke to the chatbot.
  • Click on the desired exchange to get more details about the conversation.
  • Filter by profiles and/or channels if the chatbot has different profiles and channels


Then, you have the possibility to export your conversation history using the “EXPORT” button in the top right corner.



Adaptive Card Response 


If you have multiple channels including Skype but also Microsoft Teams or a webchat, you will have the possibility to create an Adaptive Card response only for the last two channels.

As a reminder, simple Adaptive Card responses allow for richer formatting. Indeed, it is possible to add images, actions, buttons,… This type of simple answer is only available in Webchat and Teams.



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