Dynameet 365

Witivio has developed a chatbot who specializes in setting up your meetings : A virtual assistant who is a complement to Outlook, for more reactivity and spontaneity in your calendars. Available on Skype or Teams, all you need to do is contact Dynameet to plan, invite, book and remember each of your meetings.

Equipped with a geolocation system, it can also provide you on the digital tools that are around you.

Dynameet assists you during the

different steps of your meeting 


Finding slots, book rooms, manage restricted access rooms ...


Dynamic posting of available collaborative workspaces, Location of IT equipment, Improvement of employees' working conditions, Time saving


Collect the meeting experience from the participants

Organize a meeting

Dynameet is directly connected to Exchange (Office 365).


It will have all the information in your agenda and will propose slots corresponding to your availabilities and those of your colleagues.


During your first conversation with Dynameet, you will only need to inform it about your workplace (building number, floor, office number) so that it can propose meeting rooms as close as possible to your area.

Finding slots

I can order to find slots with one or more collaborators, when they are available

  • Or by indicating a particular timing
  • Or by indicating a specific duration

The chatbot offers other slots if collaborators are not available on the specified slot

Book rooms

  • I can order to find an available room as soon as possible
  • I can order to find an available room by specifying a particular timing
  • I can order to find an available room by giving a specific duration
  • I can order to find a room available for a specific number of people
  • I can order to find a room by choosing a location
  • I can combine these four information

Organize meetings

The bot can organize a meeting with one or more collaborators

  • I can book an available room when I create a meeting
  • I can invite participants from outside of my company to a meeting


  • During the first exchange, the chatbot asks the user where he is located in the building (Floor, building, site)
  • The chatbot primarily proposes rooms close to the user
  • If no room is available, the chatbot proposes to organize the meeting in the user’s office
  • The chatbot manages restricted access rooms (depending on your Outlook configuration)
  • is possible to automate the sending of a request for reservations for restricted access rooms
  • The chatbot can integrate time slots outside of which it is impossible to book rooms
  • The chatbot can integrate a maximum duration of room reservations
  • Initiation of configurable conditional dialogues (initiation of a specific dialog when a condition is satisfied)

Optimize your meeting

The chatbot connected to its environment shares tips and good practices, wherever the users are. With Dynameet 365 :

You provide fast and personalized solutions to employees in order to optimize the use of the digital tools in which you have invested

You give your employees the opportunity to be independent and more creative

You save time and release your teams from time-consuming activities

Evaluate the impact of your meeting

Dynameet 365 will request the participants of your meeting to gather their opinions. This data will allow you to :

Optimize the number of participants for future sessions

Offer more attractive supports

Plan a meeting at the right time

Why should you choose Witivio?


A business technology which is easy to understand who interacts in a human and engaging way with your employees, instantly.

Customised support

Whether it is sharing best practices, strategic workshops, project management, our team will support you to make your digitization a success.

Mutlicanal Experience

Chatbots present all the times on all devices and interfaces of the Office 365 suite to be requested by your employees.


Rapid deployment that does not require code. The complete integration of your data. An interface from which you control the performance of your chatbots and user satisfaction.